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Her Fault

I left town earlier this week to attend a writer’s conference in North Carolina. When I called home to catch up on the day’s events in Knoxville, my wife shared a telling story from daycare. Our daughter had recently graduated into the next age group at school, leaving behind some of her friends.  On this particular day one of her former partners in crime had graduated to the new class – a reunion accompanied by

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Understanding Easter

I didn’t get Easter for a long time. Sure, I spent plenty of Easter mornings at the church as a kid and even went once to the Sunrise Service over my parents' sleep-deprived wishes. The Youth Director told me she needed me there and when she said you needed to be somewhere, it really wasn't a request. But I don’t think I ever really got it until seminary. It wasn’t because I had learned some new

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Our Kind Of Story

I found myself talking with someone last week about stories, good stories, the kind we want to tell, and more importantly, the kind we want to live. That’s the thing about stories – all of us have one, all of us are part of one, and stories, whether we like it or not, actually run our lives. Today, we return again to the most intense part of the story we tell and try to live

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“Life lived in search of God is real life, the only life worth living.”Paul Elie-2


About Me

 I write about the search for the place where faith and real life come together.  My smart friends would call that Incarnational Theology. I call it the life we all desperately want. 

So I write about prayer and the search for a real spiritual life. I write about learning how to pay attention and spot God at work in the world. I write about the gift of the church and the challenges of being a leader in it. I write about good books and good music that make me laugh and keep me sane.  I write about trying to be a good husband and using the unique gifts God has given me.  

I write about the power of forgiveness and the search for justice.  I write about grace, and how it is changing me.  I write about reading the Bible and living with gratitude.  I write about faithfulness and living a life worthy of the calling.  In the end, I write about finding life thanks to a Generous Author, who still is writing beautiful stories in us all. 

I hope my seeking can help you in some way find what you are looking for. Thank you so much for stopping by.