The People of Enough


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It’s the question, you know it, the one that just sits there and feels like it will never leave. It usually comes when we are around that person who seems so perfect and so put together, the one who never seems rattled by the things that send us spiraling out of control.  Sometimes it is someone on a magazine or starring in a music video, but usually it is just a friend or family member or someone we know in our real lives who has it all figured out.  And so it comes:

Am I enough?

Have I done enough to live up to the expectations that I have for myself?  Will I ever be pretty enough or smart enough or funny enough to make people like me?  Will I ever be enough to really chase my dreams? Will I ever be enough to live the life I want for me and for my family?  Can I ever be enough?

These aren’t isolated questions that we ask and answer and then move on.  They stick around and they keep our attention. We chew them over at dinner and they stare back at us in the mirror. They are at the heart of our evening prayers and in our minds as we sit in the pew next to our family on Sunday mornings.

For those of us trying to love and serve God, our story is shaped by the familiar story we encounter in Scripture. And it is there that we discover the truth that answers these awful questions.  What we find there is this – no matter what, you are enough. You are enough. Not because of the number in your bank account or your family’s last name or even the degrees on your wall. You are enough,quite simply, because God says that you are.

This isn’t just church talk.  This is truth that you can hold on to when life hits you with everything it has.  This is truth that you can cling to when you aren’t sure where to turn.  This is truth that anchors you when everything in your life seems to be slipping away. This is truth you crave when you are frantically searching for solid ground. You are enough – this is the truth you need and that will keep you standing when the ground underneath you is shifting.

I think this is one reason the Apostles left the church specific things to do in order to sustain them. The practices we find in Acts 2 and 4 aren’t just a list to be checked off in order to be a good Christian. No, they are a gift the Apostles received from Jesus and then gave to us. They left them for us because they knew that in the midst of life and stress and anxiety that would come with world-shaking it would be all too easy to forget the truth they had experienced in Jesus.

So they joined together with their friends to hear stories and to be reminded of all the ways Jesus showed up so they could keep going.

These stories are holy. This is enough.

They prayed together, because sometimes life beats you up and makes you feel that you will never be enough. They knew what we know when we can remember –  that when you pray with your friends and with the God who has done everything to call you friend, you remember what you need.

These relationships are holy. This is enough.

They ate together, because despite all the divisions and all the ways we become isolated from the people we share life with, there is something that happens when you sit down with someone at table. When you eat together, you are reminded not so much about what separates you but about what you have in common.

These meals are holy. This is enough.

They shared together because life at its most fulfilling isn’t about keeping it to yourself. We want to be self-reliant, but self-reliance is an illusion. We inevitably run up against something we can’t handle – whether it is a confluence of bills we can’t pay, problems we can’t solve or relationships that are so far broken that we can’t unbreak them. And so we need help and we need people to share our burdens and help us hold our lives together.

This sharing is holy.  This is enough.

We are the people of enough.  We are the people who are enough and have enough despite what all our fears yell at us. We are the people who belong to a beautiful and whole family whether our house is full of children or just children at heart. We are the people who are loved and embraced and welcomed whether we were the first to get asked to the dance or are the one standing against the wall desperately hoping to be asked. We are the people who are filled with hope and a future whether we have years ahead of us or we are reminiscing about a life that once was while waiting on the new life to come.

That’s why in my church it is important to us to receive Communion.  So, regularly as part of our life together, we receive something that on its face seems insignificant – a few crumbs of bread and a small bit of Welch’s. It’s crazy, but we believe that some how and some way that in this tiny meal Jesus is with us – present at our table and more importantly in our lives.

And it is enough, every single time.  It is enough to bring forgiveness. It is enough to change us with grace.  It is enough to sustain us, to heal us, and to give us what we need. It is everything we believe in one moment.

No matter what, it is enough. No matter what you need, there is enough. No matter what you are facing today, you are enough.

Hear that again – there is no more condemnation. You are enough.

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